General Civil Litigation

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Simply put, civil litigation is where two or more parties use the court system to resolve their disputes. Whether through a verdict after trial or agreement among the parties, the result usually involves the payment of financial compensations, contract performance or other obligations, etc. to help or alleviate a loss or injury.

Civil Litigation covers a broad range of cases and legal disputes.

Some common examples are:

Personal injury

Contract disputes

HOA disputes

Real Estate disputes

Construction disputes

Consumer Protection Statutes

Landlord-tenant issues

From the moment you hire SWC Law until the very last second, we will be…

Your Steadfast Defender

Our unwavering commitment and dedication to our clients pushes us to stand by them with conviction— from negotiation, pre-trial procedure, mediation, trial or appeals. We are confident in our ability to defend and advocate for your rights, helping you achieve the results you deserve and the best possible outcome.

It is our practice to give our 100% to every case and every client. Through every step and development, no matter the obstacles, we will stand by you and keep your best interests at heart.

Your Wise Advisor

Competent and qualified, we are equipped with extensive experience with jury and bench trials, as well as motions practice in the federal and state courts of North and South Carolina.

Civil litigation cases require in-depth research and tactful legal strategies. Our litigators are thorough, resourceful, and analytical in gathering evidence, reviewing witnesses and documents, and building up cases. We make sure to leave no fact unchecked, no stone unturned, and no promise unfulfilled.

Your Caring Friend

Legal procedures can be very stressful and overwhelming, no matter the nature of the dispute. At SWC Law, we believe that providing support and encouragement is just as important as providing legal assistance. Our clients are free to confide anything regarding their case without fear of judgment nor risk to their confidentiality.

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