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When legal disputes arise, one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution you can turn to is Mediation. Mediation is essentially a guided conversation or negotiation that is facilitated by a neutral third party, called a Mediator. During mediation, the parties involved and the mediator are allowed to control the process and discuss their dispute until they arrive at a mutually agreeable and fair solution for everyone.

Mediation is a less formal, inexpensive and less time-consuming way of resolving disputes without the need to undergo prolonged litigation or a trial.

Whether you need legal support during your mediation process or a reliable mediator to facilitate mediation, our attorneys can help you achieve the best results and protect your best interests.

Our certified and experienced mediators are…


Our mediators are impartial and firm. No matter how many or who the involved parties are, we remain neutral and committed to helping everyone involved. At SWC Law, we make sure the mediation process is efficient, productive, and peaceful for all.


Our mediators are certified Superior Court Mediators in North and South Carolina. With extensive experience in complex litigation as well as plaintiffs and defense cases, we can help all parties find satisfying and long-term solutions, eliminating the prospect of having your legal dispute decided by a judge or jury.


We want all parties involved to achieve satisfying results and walk away with peace of mind. Our mediators not only provide guidance and counsel, but also support. We make sure to encourage a peaceful and collaborative approach, especially when formulating solutions.

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