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A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is a governing body that oversees a community of homeowners, usually in a subdivision, condominium, or planned community. The HOA is responsible for establishing and enforcing rules, regulations, and standards upon the homeowners and properties, both shared and individually owned. 

When a homeowner does not agree with or has violated an established rule, they can appeal to the HOA’s Board of Directors or contact a trusted lawyer to help them settle their dispute.

Our attorneys can provide you with legal assistance in the following matters:

Liens for unpaid assessments

Fines levied by the Homeowners’ Association

Common area property issues

Homeowners’ association governance

Enforcement of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Access to association’s books and records

From the moment you hire SWC Law until the dispute is resolved, we will be your…

Your Steadfast Defender

Confronting a HOA’s Board of Directors or Executive Committee can be intimidating. 

Our team of experienced lawyers are here to be your unwavering advocates, whether in mediation, negotiations or in the civil litigation process.

If you believe that you are being discriminated against or treated unfairly by your community association, we can help you take wise legal action to achieve the results you deserve.

Your Wise Advisor

Our legal team is dedicated to providing reliable legal advice and guidance. We keep our clients informed of progress and help them understand the legal details of their issue.

Our attorneys are available to you when you have questions and concerns regarding your case. We assist you every step of the way with clear and practical advice.  You’re guided every step of the way and never left behind.

Your Caring Friend

We understand that legal procedures can be stressful and overwhelming. At SWC Law, we believe that providing support and encouragement is just as important as providing legal assistance.

We help you achieve the best results possible, without compromising your mental and emotional health. Your needs, comfort, and interests will always be prioritized and taken care of.

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